Advertise Products, Services, Courses: Reach out to Commerce and management Students in India In case you have a course, a product, or a service for commerce students in India, the best way to advertise & market that is via Bhardwaj Accounting Academy! We proudly and conclusively stake a claim to being the most popular and trusted website for commerce students in India.

Here are our stats:

  • Unique visitors: 10000+/month
  • Pageviews: 30,000+/month

Here are a few easy ways in which you can advertise on Bhardwaj Accounting Academy:

  • Banner ads: Top banner, side banner ads
  • Sponsored posts
  • Social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram
  • Referral based campaigns

Ad rates:

  • Pop-up banner: Rs. 5000 /month
  • Top of post banner: Rs.2000 /month
  • End of post banner: Rs. 2500/month
  • Top banner: Rs. 2000/month
  • Side banner (top 5 positions): Rs.1000 /month
  • Sticky post: Rs. 1500/day

Event Re-Marketing Rates + Add on Campaigns

You must be knowing that once a post is published on the website, it goes down the list as soon as we publish a new post. Also, we do post on our WhatsApp group only once. However, with our re-marketing scheme, you can make sure your event is always visible to our visitors.
  • 1 Free Post + 1 Repost on Website + WhatsApp + Social Media + Emails – INR 1500
  • 1 Free Post + 4 Reposts [1 repost weekly] on Website + WhatsApp + Social Media + Emails – INR 2500
  • 1 Free Post + 8 Reposts [1 repost every 4 days] on Website + WhatsApp + Social Media + Emails – INR 4000
  • 1 Free Post + 10 Reposts [1 repost every 3 days] on Website + WhatsApp + Social Media + Emails – INR 5500
Sponsored Post must be related to the content of Bhardwaj Accounting Academy To learn more, please email at In case you are interested in advertising with us, please email us at or drop a WhatsApp message at +91-9589592534 Publishing your event/opportunity on Bhardwaj Accounting Academy is the best way (online or offline) to reach out to Commerce students and young Entrepreneurs.
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