Economic and Non-Economic activities

Human Activities

Economic And Non-Economic Activities are parts of Human activities, Human activities are the various activities done by people.

All those activities which are done by human being in the morning to evening, Day and night are called  human activities. There are two types of human activities-

  1. Economic  Activities
  2. Non-Economic Activities

Economic activities

The human activities that are undertaken with an objective to earn money or livelihood are called economic activities. Economic activities are concerned with the production , exchange and distribution of goods and rendering of services to earn money.

Those  human activities which are carried out to earn a living for the satisfaction of human wants are known as Economic Activities.

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Examples of Economic Activities

  1. A manufacturer making products.
  2. A doctor busy in running his clinic.
  3. A shopkeeper selling groceries.
  4. A tailor stitching clothes.
  5. A farmer busy in farming.
  6. A teacher teaches in a school.
  7. A Workers works in a office.
  8. A clerk working in a government office.
  9. A Banker working in a Bank.
  10. Lawyer practices in a court.
  11. Transportation of goods and passengers.

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Non-Economic activities

The human activities that are not undertaken with an objective to earn money or monetary gain are called noneconomic activities.

The human  activities which are accomplished to fulfill personal, social, religious, emotional, spiritual and cultural needs are known as Non-economic activities.

  • Whose aim generally is to derive pleasure in one’s idle time (Vacation-Time Activities).
  • Which are inspired by love for family.(Family-Obligation Activities).
  • Which are inspired by need for mental satisfaction and happiness (Religious and Cultural Activities).
  • Which are inspired by the emotional feeling of sympathy for others (Social Welfare Activities).

Examples of Non-Economic Activities

  1. Worshiping God and visiting the temple.
  2. The Mother loving her child.
  3. One child doing Yoga.
  4. Painting for pleasure.
  5. People are walking in the Morning.
  6. Woman cooking food at home for her husband and children.
  7. A teacher teaching to his/her own children at home.
  8. A doctor treating his family members.
  9. participation on relief camp to help people affected by war, natural calamities.
  10. Working in one’s own garden.

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