How to Prepare for GATE EC Exam in One Year

The General Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is a National Level Entrance Exam for admissions to various post-graduate programs such as Master of Engineering, Master of Technology, PhD and Research Programs in some of the top colleges and universities in India, with financial assistance provided by the Ministry of Human Resource Development and other government agencies.

The GATE exam in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) and other disciplines are organized by seven renowned Indian Institute of Technology (IITs)  and the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore.

Are you an electronics and communication graduate/student kick-starting your GATE ECE preparation? Want to learn about the right strategy that could help you maximize your effort and channel it to crack the GATE ECE exam within a year?

On that note, let’s talk about some crucial tips to keep in mind to properly utilize your limited time and resources in the right way to ace the GATE ECE exam.

Start Making Short Notes in Each Subject

While preparing for GATE Electronics, make sure to prepare short notes of concepts, important points, formulas, etc in each subject. This will help you with quick revision later when you have less time.

Solve Previous Years GATE EC Papers

Make sure you solve as many previous year question papers as you can to develop an understanding of how the paper is set and what type of questions to expect and become familiar with them to avoid any surprises during the exam. Also, by solving previous year’s papers, you get an idea of the weightage of different topics. Lastly, find the previous year’s answers keys to compare your answer with the correct one. Also, know more about the previous year’s GATE Electronics Answer Key here.

Attend Classes Daily

These might be lectures from your coaching class/college/online course or even free youtube lectures by experts, make sure to follow them daily. Most of the students often take them for granted and don’t follow them regularly or attentively and as a result, they wind up spending too much time grasping concepts during self-study that they might have missed in the lecture.

Complete the Entire Syllabus before or till the 10th Month

Set a timeline for covering the entire GATE EC syllabus, make a consistent and sincere effort, and try to complete the syllabus between the 9th and 10th months of your preparation. This will give you enough time for revision, practicing questions & attempting mock tests.

Practice General Aptitude & Engineering Maths Regularly

A common yet major mistake that students preparing for the GATE exam often commit is that they don’t acknowledge regular practice questions in General aptitude and engineering maths. As a result of this, they soon start to forget concepts and become sloppy while solving questions later.

These subjects need regular practice and should be put off for other subjects or reasons whatsoever.

Start Attempting Full-Length Mock Tests

Once you have covered a majority of the syllabus, it’s time you stop attempting subject and topic-wise quizzes and start taking full-length mock tests. This will enable you to develop stamina and the ability to go straight 3 hours attempting questions. Also, your brain will learn to perform at an optimal level while tackling the pressure of time constraints.

Furthermore, you will become familiar with the virtual GATE calculator which will save you a lot of time during the exam. Lastly, mock tests help you to analyze your performance and give you inputs on your strong and weak areas so that you can improve your performance.

Clear Your Doubts

Clear any doubts you have in any topic or concept before the exam as this can hinder your performance in the exam. Ensure in-depth study of each topic and practice enough questions on them to get a good grip.

Furthermore, work on your weak areas/subjects/topics to ensure an above-par performance in the exam.





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