ISC Commerce specimen paper 2023

ISC Commerce specimen paper 2023

ISC Commerce specimen paper 2023




Maximum Marks: 80 Time Allowed: Three hours

(Candidates are allowed additional 15 minutes for only reading the paper.

They must NOT start writing during this time).

 Answer all questions in Section A, Section B and Section C. Section A consists of objective / very short answer type questions.

Section B consists of short answer questions.

Section C consists of long answer questions.

The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ ].

ISC Commerce specimen paper 2023


 Question 1                                                                                                                            

(i) At, there is no reward or appreciation for a good suggestion. Thus, the subordinates do not want to offer any useful suggestions to their superiors. Which type of barrier to communication has been created in the firm?                                                                                                                         [1]

(a) Semantic barrier
(b) Personal barrier
(c) Organisational barrier
(d) Psychological barrier

(ii) Choose and write the correct option in the following questions. Management ensure.           [1]

  1. a) Providing employment opportunities
    b) Maintaining profit
    c) Ensuring maximum utilisation of resources
    d) Control on cost.

(iii) Which one of the following is NOT counted as a Fixed Asset?                                  [1]

(a) Inventory

(b) Land and Building

(c) Plant and Machinery

(d) Equipment and Property

(iv) A trader wants to transfer funds electronically through NEFT, but he does not have a bank account. What is the maximum amount that he can transfer?                                             [1]

(a) 55,000

(b) 51,000

(c) 49,999

(d) 45,999

(v) Esprit de corps means    .                                                                                               [1]

         (a) Buyer beware

(b) Product is our strength

(c) Service is our motto

(d) Union is strength

ISC Commerce specimen paper 2023

(vi) ‘Maruti Vega Ltd.’ Entered into market with the coloured television and has now introduced products like audio systems, air conditioners, washing machines, etc. The company is not only offering the products but also handling complaints and offering after-sales services. Identify the element of marketing mix discussed here.                                                                                                    [1]

(vii) State whether the following statements are True or False.                                          [4]

(a) The minimum amount of funds that can be transferred through RTGS is ₹ 2,50,000.

(b) Micro environment refers to an environment which is in direct contact with a  specific business organization.

(c) Harmony, not discord propounded by Henry Fayol.

(d) In a company there are four departments finance, marketing, production, and human resource development. Division of work the principle of management used in this company.

(viii “Management principles can be applied to all types of activities” which characteristics of management principles is highlighted by this statement?                                                                                       [1]

(ix) The production manager of Bharat Enterprises Ltd. Instructs a salesman to go slow in selling the product, whereas the Marketing Manager is insisting on fast selling to achieve the target. Which principle of management is violated in this case?                                                                                                              [1]

(x) The sales of jewellers were affected adversely after the demonetisation of currency notes of ₹500/- and ₹1,000/- denominations by the Central Government in November 2016. Identify the dimension of business environment relevant in this case.                                                                                                               [1]

(xi) A salesman approaches you to promote the sales of a ‘water purifier’. Which communication tool is the marketer using by sending the salesman to your door-step?                                                                    [1]

(xii) Business environment differs from country to country and region to region. Which feature of business environment is being referred to here?                                                                                                      [1]

(xiii) Amar is engaged in manufacturing refrigerators. He surveyed the market and found that people need a refrigerator with a separate provision of water cooler in it. He developed and launched such refrigerators in the market. Identify the marketing philosophy involved.                                                                           [1]

ISC Commerce specimen paper 2023


 Question 2                                                                                                                            [4]

(i)        Directing is the heart of management process. Explain any four points on the      importance of directing.


(ii)       Organisation is an important tool to achieve objectives of the enterprise. In the light of    this statement, explain any four points on the importance of organisation.

Question 3                                                                                                                            [4]

‘Advertising’ is a social waste. Comment.

 Question 4                                                                                                                            [4]

What is marketing mix? Explain the elements of marketing mix.

Question 5                                                                                                                            [4]

State and explain the principles of management as laid down by F.W. Taylor.(Any Four)

ISC Commerce specimen paper 2023

 Question 6                                                                                                                            [4]

Explain any four objectives of Communication.

 Question 7                                                                                                                            [2+2]

Explain any three objectives of Publicity, as an element of Promotion Mix.

 Question 8                                                                                                                            [4]

What are Retained Earnings? Explain any three demerits of Retained Earnings

 Question 9                                                                                                                            [4]

(i)        What are the various Channels of Distribution available to a Manufacturer in the            process of distribution?


(ii)       Define Management. Briefly explain any three objectives of Management.

ISC Commerce specimen paper 2023


 Question 10

(i)        Define Marketing. Briefly explain any three features of Marketing.                                [5]

(ii)       Define Controlling. State any three features of controlling.                                            [3]

 Question 11

(i)        Explain the first five steps involved in the process of Planning, as a function of Management.                                                                                                                                         [5]

(ii)       State any three features of a NEFT.                                                                          [3]


(i)        What is financial planning? Explain three points of importance of financial planning for a           business organisation.                                                                                                                          [5]

(ii)       What is meant by supervision? Explain three functions of a Supervisor..                        [3]

 Question 12

(i)       What is meant by barriers to communication? Explain three suitable measures to overcome the    barriers to effective communication.                                                                                                       [5]

(ii)      What is meant by promotion mix? Briefly explain the elements of promotion mix.         [3]

ISC Commerce specimen paper 2023

 Question 13                                                                                                               [2+3+3]

 Joseph Bros is a firm manufacturing jute lampshades. It uses leftover jute pieces from various jute factories to manufacture economical lampshades which are supplied to various hotels in nearby towns. It employs men and women from nearby villages as workers for creating good lampshade designs. Joseph Bros is not able to meet its targets. Namish, the supervisor of the company, was told to analyze the reasons for the poor performance. Namish found the following problems and suggested certain solutions in the working of the business. The number of workers employed was less than what was required for the work. As a result, the existing workers were overburdened. The firm decided to search for new workers and it asked the present employees to introduce candidates or recommend their friends and relatives to the firm. This enabled the firm to put people to jobs‘ and assured the attainment of objectives according to plans.
1. Identify the functions of management being performed by the firm in the above situation.
2. Name the concept and its source used by the firm to attract more workers for the firm.
3. State any two values being followed by Jacob Bros.


           ISC Commerce specimen paper 2023


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