ISC Commerce Sample paper 2023 New Pattern

ISC Commerce Sample paper 2023

ISC Commerce Sample paper 2023


Maximum Marks: 80
Time Allowed: Three hours
(Candidates are allowed additional 15 minutes for only reading the paper.
They must NOT start writing during this time).

Answer all questions in Section A, Section B, and Section C.
Section A consists of objective/ very short answer type questions.
Section B consists of short answer questions.
Section C consists of long answer questions.
The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ ].


 Question 1

(i)Which of the following is not a feature of the business environment?   [1]
(a) Inter-relatedness
(b) Dynamic nature
(c) The totality of external forces
(d) Complexity
(e) Identify threats and early warning signals

(ii) ____ environment is beyond the control of the business. [1] 
(a) Internal
(b) External
(c) Micro
(d) Macro

(iii) ”Smoking is prohibited in the factory”. Which element of planning does it
exemplify [1]:
(a) policy
(b) rule
(c) procedure
(d) method.
(iv) Customer satisfaction alone can ensure success which Marketing concept holds this view. [1]
(a) Production concept
(b) Product concept
(c) Marketing concept
(d) Selling concept.

(v) How many rights of consumers are given in the Consumer Protection Act 2019? [1]

(a) 4
(b) 5
(c) 6
(d) 3

ISC Commerce Sample paper 2023

(vi) The process of retaining a part of net profits over years and reinvesting the same
is: [1]
(a) Public deposits
(b) Retained earnings
(c) Factoring
(d) Capitalization of reserves.

(vii) A company can raise fixed capital in the form of: [1]
(a) Equity shares
(b) Cash credit
(c) Discounting a bill of exchange
(d) Bank overdraft

(viii) Working capital has two concepts, gross and:[1]
(a) Zero
(b) Net
(c) Cumulative
(d) Outstanding

(ix) Which card issued by the bank does not enjoy a credit facility?[1]
(a) Debit card
(b) Cash credit
(c) Credit card
(d) Kisan card

(x) Which principle of management states that every Subordinate should receive
orders from and be accountable for only one superior? [1]
(i) Unity of direction
(ii) Unity of command
(iii) Centralisation
(iv) Scalar chain

ISC Commerce Sample paper 2023
(xi) Which marketing management philosophy implies that products and services are bought not merely because of their quality or brand name, but because they satisfy a specific need of a customer.[1]
(a) Selling philosophy
(b) Marketing philosophy
(c) Product philosophy
(d) Societal philosophy

(xii)Which of the following principles of management states that workers should be
encouraged to develop and carry out their plans for improvements in the organisation.[1]
(a) Equity
(b) Division of Work
(c) Initiative
(d) Order.

(xiii) …………..function of management is related to placing the right person in the right job.[1]

(xiv) ………… the hidden force that links all the functions of Management.                     [1]

(xv) …………..Business environment differs from country to country and region to Which feature of business environment is being referred to here? [1]

(xvi) “________”Principle of management states that there should be a place for everything and everything be in its place. [1]

 ISC Commerce Sample paper 2023

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Answer the following questions briefly

Question 2                                                                                                                            

State the steps in the process of controlling [4]
Question 3  

Give four points of difference between a product and a service.[4]
What is labelling? Explain four advantages of labelling. [4]

 Question 4  

‘Planning is not a guarantee of success.’ In this context, explain the limitations of Planning.[4]


Discuss the need for the principles of management. [4]

 Question 5        

Effectiveness of leadership depends on the qualities of the Leader. Explain any four
qualities that a good leader should possess.[4]

 Question 6                                                                                                                             

You are the finance manager of a newly established company. The Directors have asked
you to determine the amount of fixed capital requirement for the company. Explain any
four factors that you will consider while determining the fixed capital requirement for the

 Question 7 

Bhanu Co. Ltd. is engaged in the manufacturing of machine components. The target of production is 400 units daily. The company had been successfully attaining this target until two months ago. Over the last
two months, it has been observed that daily production varies between 300-340 units. Identify the
possible causes for the decline in production and the steps to be taken to achieve the desired targets.   [4]

Question 8    

Give four points in support of the statement, “Organising is an important function of
management.” [4]
Explain the following: [2+2]
(i) SMS alerts
(ii) ATM
 Question 9              

Distinguish between marketing and selling. [4]
Explain any four objectives of communication.[4]

ISC Commerce Sample paper 2023

ISC ACCOUNTS Sample paper 2023


 Question 10

(i) Explain any five features of Management. [5]
(ii) What is meant by social environment? Explain any two components of social environment. [3]

 Question 11

(i) State any five differences between the principles of Taylor and Fayol. [5]
(ii) State any three differences between the NEFT and RTGS. [3]

Explain types of debentures through which a company can collect borrowed capital from the public. [8]

  Question 12

(i)Explain the following Principles of management, as advocated by Henry Fayol: [5]
(i) Stability of tenure
(ii) Discipline
(iii) Unity of command
(iv) Unity of Direction
(v) Order
(ii) Explain the need for consumer protection. [3]

 Question 13

Anil and Mani are good friends. Considering the fact that the activities involved in managing an
enterprise are common to all organizations, after completing their master’s in business management,
both of them take up a job at the managerial level in different organizations as per their individual areas of interest.
Anil takes up a marketing job in a retail company and strives to increase sales whereas Mani joins an NGO and works diligently to realize its objective related to providing employment to specially-abled persons. Both of them have to perform a series of continuous, composite, but separate
On some days, Anil may spend more time in planning a future display layout and on
another day, he may spend time in sorting out an employee‘s problem.
Both Anil and Mani make conscious efforts to build a feeling of team spirit and coordination among diverse individuals with different needs who work under them.
The effect of their management is noticeable in their respective departments as the targets are met according to plans, employees are happy and satisfied, and there is orderliness in its functioning rather than chaos.In context of the above case:
Identify the various features of management highlighted in the above paragraph by quoting lines from it. [8]

ISC Commerce Sample paper 2023

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